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04 August 2014



Hi! Welcome to Olivia cooks in Holland.
My name is Olivia and I am originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. 

My parents gave me a chance to move away to The Netherlands a few years ago. At the moment I’m studying engineering here, but I also have passion for the kitchen.

I created this blog because I look around the web and there are only a few of Indonesian food blogs that I can enjoy. So I decided! I will make one! I want to share Indonesian food recipes that I love. There are a lot of delicious Indonesian dishes, but I don’t know all of them. So first, I want to cook you the food that I grew up with, my Mam's cooking. And delicious meals that my family love to enjoy on our family gatherings. Most of the recipes come from my Mam, Pap or my Oma. Later on, (hopefully!) I will experiment with other Indonesian food that I am not familiar with.

More than cooking and eating Indonesian food, my biggest passion in the kitchen is sweets and desserts. So, you will also see baking and cakes posts!
I hope you’ll enjoy this blog ! Ciao!

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