26 March 2015




This is one of my favorite garnish, because the flavor is sharp, very defined, it's slightly spiced and it has a great aftertaste to it.  It also add a texture to a dish because if its crispiness. 
You can use this garnish for a lot of dishes, I use it when I eat some kind of a soup dish like Indomie or my Mam's chicken soup. Sometimes my sister even eats only white rice with this and some sambal! It's very easy to make and a great garnish to have in your pantry. Especially if you love asian food :) 
In South East Asia, we use the small red shallot. You probably can find them in asian store, but it's quite expensive, so I just use the normal shallot you can find in the supermarket. 

  • Tea towel
  • Small frying teflon pan
  • Sieve and a thick bowl
  • Kitchen paper
  • Shallot, thinly sliced
  • Sea salt
  • 250 - 400 ml of frying oil
  • Lay the thinly sliced shallots on top of a tea towel, sprinkle the shallots with the salt and  let sit for 10 minutes. When the moisture comes out of the shallot, dab lightly. 
  • Heat the frying oil on medium. Add in about 2 tablespoon of shallots each time, fry until the shallots is light golden brown. Don't wait until they're golden brown, then you'll have burnt shallots. Remove from oil and lay them on a kitchen paper. 
  • Sieve the oil to the bowl and return the oil to the pan and repeat the process. This is done to avoid having burnt shallots. 
  • Keep it in a sealed jar, it stays for about 2 - 3 weeks in the pantry. 

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