03 August 2015



Who doesn't love ice drinks for summer?! So easy to make and the main ingredients are only fruits and ice. Add a little syrup and condensed milk, it will freshen you up from the summer heat! 

He owns a cart with two small wheels on each side, almost like it was self-mounted. A peg leg under the front side serving as the brake, so the cart can be park anywhere. Another two woods stick out the back just around the hip-level, for him to push and steer the cart around. On one of this wood, a hand bell is hung, as he walks around the neighborhood he shakes the bell to call people inside the houses to come and get some refreshing ice. He starts his day around 10 when the sun begins to burn and the heat builds up your thirst. By noon, he heads to school area, park his cart, sits down on the sidewalk, resting. He waits for the school gate to open, releasing a flood of his customers, school kids. 
Photos taken in Jakarta by @jeanlument (My sister! Show some love..)
That's when I go see him. 

Drunken Ice Recipe | Resep Es Teler:
  • Blender
  • 2 cups of shaved/crushed ice
  • canned jackfruit, sliced
  • canned grass jelly, diced
  • young coconut meat
  • avocado
  • rose water syrup
  • condensed milk
  • Prepare the fruits:
    • Jackfruit: I used canned jackfruit, so first wash the jackfruit under running water to remove the syrup. Slice. 
    • Grass jelly: dice the jelly according to your liking :)
    • Coconut meat: slice the coconut to bite sizes. 
    • Avocado: use a spoon to scrape chunks of avocado. 
  • Use a blender to make "shaved ice". 
  • Put the fruits in a bowl. Add the shaved ice on the top. Finish the ice with 4 - 5 tablespoon of rosewater syrup and condensed milk (or as much as you want!) :D

  • I don't really have measurements for this recipe. Just add a few pieces of everything as you like into the bowl ;)
  • I also used mostly canned goods because I can't find the tropical fruits here in Holland, most of the stuff you can find in asian stores. 
  • You can definitely switch up the fruits or the syrup with ones you have around.

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